Yellowcard's Ryan Key Is Ready to 'Say Yes' Once Again (Exclusive)

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Fans of Yellowcard are well aware of the band's two-year hiatus, but now the five-piece is back and armed with their fifth studio record 'When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes,' which singer Ryan Key says is the mark of a brand-new start.

Although the album is officially out today, the band has already received rave reviews about their latest effort, which features the single, 'For You, and Your Denial.' We're hooked on it, too, and can say that the band's new tunes were completely worth the wait.
Yellowcard are ready to embark on the Dirty Work tour with All Time Low, Hey Monday and the Summer Set, and we got to speak with Ryan about the band's time off, their impressive new record and the outlook ahead. Find out what he had to say in our exclusive interview below.

JSYK: Hey, Ryan! So, you were on a pretty long hiatus. What made you decide to start making music as Yellowcard again?

Ryan Key: We all just needed some time away from touring and recording non-stop. It was important to have some time with our families and focus on our personal lives. I think it just naturally worked itself out as far as deciding to come back. One phone call turned into another and then we all met in L.A. to discuss making a new record. Everyone felt recharged and on the same page.

JSYK: What did you learn about yourself during your time off from the band?

RK: I really just spent the time trying to ground myself and reconnect with my family. We had been touring and living on the west coast for eight years at that point, so there was a lot I missed out on back home. I think I learned what is important to me. It also helped me come back to Yellowcard for all the right reasons.

JSYK: Do any of the events that happened during your break make their way onto the new record?

RK: The record definitely has a theme of rebirth and renewal. I think mostly it was inspired by the time away from the band and the journey back to it.

JSYK: What is the title of the album in reference to?

RK: There was a girl I liked. I was text messaging with her trying to get her to go on a date with me. She said she was seeing someone and would have to think about it. I replied "When you're through thinking, say yes". She never did, but the line stuck with me. I didn't know if it would end up being a lyric or what, but when I considered it for the title, I brought it to the guys and everyone felt like it was perfect for where we are as a band. It has such a positive, forward-thinking feeling.

Yellowcard are ready to embark on the Dirty Work tour with All Time Low, Hey Monday and the Summer Set, but we got to speak with Ryan about the band's time off, their impressive new record and the outlook ahead. Find out what he had to say below.

JSYK: 'For You, and Your Denial' is awesome. What made this song the front-runner as the first single from the record?

RK: We just felt like that song was a great example of what the record has to offer. When you hear Sean's violin you immediately know you are immersed in Yellowcard.

JSYK: Can you tell us a little bit about the concept of the video?

RK: The song was just supposed to be an online viral type release for the fans, so the video was to be kind of a teaser where you see the band performing from behind and you feel like something is coming, but you never see our faces really. It is amazing that the song and video took on such a life of their own beyond what we had planned for it.

JSYK: Are you psyched about all the positive reactions you're getting from the new record?

RK: I cannot tell you how amazing it feels. We worked so hard on the record and to read all the positive reviews fills us with so much hope for the road ahead.

JSYK: Although the Dirty Work tour is about to kick off soon, you've already spent some time on the road with All Time Low in Europe this year. What kind of shenanigans do you guys get into on tour?

RK: Nothing has been too crazy. They are amazing dudes and we are really fortunate to have this opportunity as we try and restart our career.

JSYK: What are you looking forward to the most in 2011?

RK: I am most excited about being back out on the road. We have some amazing plans for the year and it just feels good to be back.

Watch Yellowcard's 'For You, and Your Denial' video below, and score your tickets for the Dirty Work tour here. 'When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes' is available on iTunes now.

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