Tavi Gevinson to Launch New Online Magazine This Summer

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Remember when we told you about Tavi Gevinson's new collaboration with magazine guru Jane Pratt? Well, it looks like it'll be a monthly publication that will be available this summer, but it will be pretty different from Style Rookie.

According WWD, the project will be "more of an online magazine than a blog, featuring original commentary, photography, poetry, fiction and interviews from teenagers, in monthly installments around a given theme."
Those who would rather read a physical copy of the magazine will also get their wish. A print version "will appear twice or three times a year, timed with the fashion seasons."

The 14-year-old's partnership with Jane came about after the teen fashion blogger posted photos from the editor's former magazine on her site. The as-yet-untitled project will be a part of JanePratt.com, which will reportedly be launching in the next two months.

For those of you who are curious, Jane was the founding editor of Sassy, an influential magazine for teen girls, that was published from 1988 to 1996. Jane was only 24 at the time, and helped define the mag with unique content and a conversational voice. The North Carolina native then became the editor-in-chief of another groundbreaking magazine called Jane, which went on to have a successful 10-year run.

"It's obviously such an honor to work with her," Tavi said of Jane. "When we actually sit down and discuss the projects and everything, it doesn't feel like she's talking down to me or like I should be so honored to be working with her, even though I am."

Are you excited about Tavi's new online magazine or would you rather just read Style Rookie? Let us know what you think in the comments. %Poll-55781%


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