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We're going back a bit and re-posting a story we wrote awhile ago about Chelsea Kane and The Summer Set.

In 2009, we talked to Brian Dales from The Summer Set and Chelsea Kane about The Summer Set's new song at the time, 'Chelsea.' We knew Chelsea and Brian were dating back then and that the song had to be about her. And we totally found out that it is!

Chelsea Kane recently danced to 'Chelsea' on 'Dancing With The Stars.' Was it a good song choice? Get the deets about their relationship and song here!

If you don't already know The Summer Set for their awesome cover of Usher's 'Love in this Club,' you'll fall for them completely after hearing their new single, 'Chelsea.' In fact, lead singer Brian Dales wrote the song for his girlfriend, JONAS star Chelsea Kane!

We caught up with Brian to get the full scoop behind the poppy single and what Chelsea thought when she heard it. It's such a sweet story! Read what Brian had to say and listen to 'Chelsea' too.

JSYK: How long have you and Chelsea been dating and how did you meet?

Brian Dales: We've been dating for seven months now. We met a little over a year ago when Josh our guitar payer first joined the band – he wasn't one of the original members. We were driving out to L.A. to play a showcase for a record label and it was Josh's first show out of state with us, and only his third show with our band ever. He was more or less terrified. He went to middle school with Chelsea and she was out in L.A., and he really wanted familiar faces at the showcase so he didn't have to play for just record executives he didn't know. She came out to the show and that's how we met. Ever since then, things have gone pretty well.

JSYK: When did you write this song for her?

Brian: Last September.

JSYK: And what was her reaction?

Brian: She loved it. We wrote the song and recorded a demo version of it, and then a month later we played a show in L.A. and she came out. She heard the song live before she heard it as a recording and she definitely loved it.

JSYK: Wait, you said you recorded it last year, but you've only been dating for seven months...

Brian: Well, we actually wrote and recorded the song before me and her officially started dating. When we first wrote the song, [Chelsea and I] didn't think we would work out because I'm always on tour and she's really busy as well with what she does, so I wrote the song and we recorded it, but we never thought our relationship was actually going to work.

JSYK: So it was like a valentine!

Brian: Yeah, we pretty much started dating around Valentine's Day.

JSYK: You guys put out two EPs before you had even graduated high school. What would your advice be to young people who dream of being in a band?

Brian: Just go for it. Just start a band and play some shows. You might play shows for ten people, but just keep working at it. We played our first show for not that many people but you just got to keep going for it and keep practicing and never give up on it. If you're talented, it will pay off.

JSYK: What's up next for you guys this year?

Brian: We're going release the album on October 13 and we're going out in October and November with Cartel. Then we'll probably take December off, but tour most of 2010 in support of the record. A lot of touring!

JSYK: Will we ever see The Summer Set on JONAS?

Brian: A rival band on JONAS? I don't know -- that would be funny!

Check out Chelsea dancing to 'Chelsea' on 'DWTS' here!


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