The Meaning Behind Taylor Swift's Song 'Last Kiss'

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Everyone knows Taylor Swift is superstitious. Her lucky number is 13. So when I got her new album a few months ago, the awesome Speak Now, I couldn't help but skip through the other songs to listen to track #13.
Knowing how unique Taylor is, I figured track 13 would probably be her favorite song on the album, right? All I know, is that everyone I've talked to, including myself, thinks 'Last Kiss' is def the best song. So when I listened to it, I was amazed by the lyrics alone. If this girl couldn't sing, she'd definitely have a future in song writing!

From the blogs online and if you can decode her secret messages, it's rumored that 'Last Kiss' is about Joe Jonas.

We all know they've had their issues and Taylor was hurt over the alleged 27-second break up phone call she talked about on Ellen DeGeneres' TV show. Basically proving 'Last Kiss' is about the Jo-Bro, the music in the beginning of the song plays until the :27 second mark and then she starts singing. Done on purpose? Hmmm.

She also references July 9th and how she ran off an airplane to see this special guy. Apparently, she was flying into Dallas to see a Jonas Brothers concert in 2008, makes sense huh? Also, if you look at all the capital letters in her CD's booklet, you can see that for track 13 it spells out, "Forever and Always," a title of a song she admitted was about Joe.

'Last Kiss' is my favorite song on the album. Not because it's about Joe Jonas but the lyrics are awesome and you can totally feel her pain in the song. Because it is track 13, I feel it's probably Taylor's favorite song on the album as well, and I can obviously see why.

I wrote this, not to pick sides on the Tay/Joe break up but to shed light on a kick butt song that I think many of you should check out and that Taylor should def release as her next single. I've played it over and over for my friends and the majority of them agree on its awesomeness (and we're in our twenties!), making some actually go out and buy her album so they could check out her other songs as well. My sister, a 13-year-old Never Shout Never and The Ready Set fan, also loves her now, simply after hearing this particular song.

In typical Taylor fashion, there are tons of other hidden messages in 'Speak Now.' Although she won't come out and say who each song is about, it's neat to see an artist open up so much on an album...truly a piece of art.

So what do you think? Do you like or dislike this song? Do you think it's about Joe? Check out 'Last Kiss' below and let me know if you think it's an awesome song as well!


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