Avery Shares Her Top 5 Essential Things to Do When You Turn 16

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Turning 16 is a huge milestone, and if there's one person who knows how major the birthday is, it's 'Love Me or Let Me Go' singer Avery. The internet sensation became an artist to know from her widely-viewed YouTube videos, and signed to Universal Motown Records last year all before turning the big 1-6.

Avery just celebrated her 16th birthday, and is currently busy teaming up with super-producers and songwriters like Stargate, The Matrix, Dr. Luke & Company and more to create her debut album. The pop star has plenty to focus on this year, but she's still a down-to-earth teenager who knows how to keep it real.
Here, Avery talks about what she's into these days in her Top 5 Essential Things to Do When You Turn 16 list, complete with personal, hand-picked pics. Read what she has to say below and keep your eyes peeled for new music from the super bright star in the coming months.

Avery's Top 5 Essential Things to Do When You Turn 16

1. Hit the road. It's definitely time to start practicing how to drive. Once you have your license, you start feeling more independent and it's a lot easier to start hanging out with friends. It's definitely fun to have a car and go to the mall with your friends without relying on your parents. The freedom feels great.

2. Make money. Most kids start getting their first job when they turn 16 -- you got to pay for that car and gas somehow! Once you start driving, you and your friends will want to go out more so you'll need to save money to eat and go out. You can pay for yourself. Although that doesn't sound fun, it actually is fun feeling independent, free and responsible.

3. Date up. A lot of teenagers start dating and meeting more people when they turn 16. It's fun to go out, be young and have a good time with new people. And girls, guys also start to drive when they turn 16 so it's easier for them to pick you up and take you on dates!

4. Be a healthier you. It's good to start watching what you eat and start trying to be healthier. When you turn 16, you start to become more responsible and more mature so it's good to realize that eating junk food all the time isn't always the best idea. It feels great to work out, eat healthy food, and take care of your body. You can definitely still have your cookies and milk but just start being more aware of your health!

5. Focus on your future. Sixteen is a good age to start thinking about college and what you want to do when you grow up. It's almost time to leave middle school! So it's definitely a good time to start researching what things you enjoy the most!


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