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Raise your hand if you're familiar with the show 'One Tree Hill.' Think about when the show comes on, can you think of the song that plays in the beginning of the show? Well that song is called, "I Don't Want To Be." It was super popular a few years ago and is still played on the radio constantly. The song was written and originally sung by the extremely talented and gorgeous, Gavin DeGraw.

Okay, maybe 'One Tree Hill' wasn't your cup of tea, so perhaps you're familiar with the TV show, 'What I Like About You?' He made a guest appearance on there as well.

Still not really sure who he is? He could of been popular a little before your time. Bet if you ask your parents or older siblings if they've heard of him, you'll get a yes. A few years ago and recently as well, he's had several songs hit the airwaves, like "Chariot" and "In Love With A Girl." Oh, and if you saw the movie 'Tristan and Isolde' you've def heard his tune "We Belong Together."

I think Gavin's music is totally awesome but I'm a little older than you guys, so I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in hearing about him. But then, JSYK's teen blogger Olivia B., came to me with the same idea and said that she totally loves him as well and that she thinks you guys would too.
We got the chance to talk to Gavin last week and not only was he cool as heck (even though he's not too familiar with Bieber's music) but he talked about shows like Glee, the importance of music programs in schools, and his upcoming album.

Would you want to be on a show like 'Glee?'

"That would be fantastic, particularly any of those shows that revolve around music would be an honor to be apart of. Those shows are a really important part of our pop culture. If you're asked to be a part of those shows, it's nothing short than flattering for an artist for something as big as a show like 'Glee' to want to use your music or want to pay tribute to you in any way even as a guest spot."

You advocate to keep music programs in schools, why is that important to you?

"I often find the people I get along with socially often have typically the same music tastes. When people go to Nashville or Austin, Texas, they don't go because of the awesome science programs they go because of the music. So it's funny that anyone can deny the great social value of the arts."

Do you guys think music programs are important in school?

Who is on your iPod?

"Mostly the people I listen are dead or old guys. I like my grandparents or parents generation of music."

See he listens to what his parents listen to too, hence the reason Olivia wanted to tell you about him!

What can we expect from your new album, 'Sweeter?'

"The new album is a bit scattered about, there's multiple styles on the record. It's very intimate and sultry and masculine."

I totally love your new single, "Not Over You." What can you tell me about it?

"I wrote that song with the lead singer of One Republic. It feels true to what I do and reminiscent of my first record but at the same time very,very fresh."

He seems totally awesome right? Do you think you could get into his music? Well, Gavin is hitting the road with Maroon 5 this summer and his new album will be on the shelves on August 9th. He wanted to make note that three of his fave songs on the new album are "Soldier," "Candy," and "Radiation," so if you grab the album def be sure to listen to those tunes!

In the meantime, check out his new single, "Not Over You," below and tell us what you think of it or him in the comments.

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