JSYK's Teen Music Blogger Gives The Low Down On 'Dirty Work' By All Time Low

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After listening to the first song off of the new All Time Low album 'Dirty Work,' I knew this was going to be the soundtrack of my summer. Forget the other crap on the radio; this band's songs should really be your summer tunes!

Every time I'd go to Hot Topic, my favorite store I must add, I would see shirts on the wall that said, "I Feel Like Dancin." I was totally confused about those shirts and their meaning. I had absolutely no idea that All Time Low was planning on releasing new music, like that of "I Feel Like Dancin," let alone making t-shirts for it already. So when I finally found out that they were dropping new stuff, I was all about getting the music as soon as it came out oh and to buy the t-shirt too.
With 'Dirty Work,' All Time Low surely drifted away from their more rock sounding music. This album definitely has a more pop sound to it, but I'm actually digging it a lot. It's totally perfect for summertime.

Their music this time around is almost all about relationship problems, something everyone can relate to. And the few songs that aren't about sucky problems with BFs/GFs, is about just having fun, which is awesome.

Total side note, but in the song "I Feel Like Dancin'", they say something funny about Ke$ha, which makes me laugh every time I listen to it...

Anyway, this summer, ATL is going on a tour with some cool bands like Mayday Parade, a band that's become super popular recently too. I'm actually trying to talk my older sister into taking me to see ATL this summer, because I know they'll be sick. They were a part of the Warped Tour a few years ago. If I do see them, I will be keeping my fingers crossed and hope that they play my favorite songs off of 'Dirty Work' like "Time-Bomb" and "Just a Daydream Away."

So in all peeps, I highly suggest you check these dudes out especially this particular album if you're looking to find some good summer jams for bonfires, sleepovers with friends, are tired of the usual radio stuff, or just want some good songs to listen to.

Keep checking back for more of my music suggestions and let me know what you guys think of this band or any bands you want me to cover in the comments and poll below! Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter too.



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