Lottery Winning High School Janitor Gives Back To School

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Imagine working at a local high school not only as a coach but a janitor too... for twenty years. Twenty years of training kids, cleaning up after them, and constantly telling people you were going to win the lottery one day in hopes to having a better life. Then, you wake up one morning and after all of those years of trying and wishing, you win $3.4 million...via the lottery.

After freaking out and probably peeing your pants, you'd most likely want to quit your job and start spending your new fortune instantly, right?

So, what exactly would you buy with the money? Would you purchase an awesome pad, a brand new car, sweet clothes or a spectac vacation?

How about a new track for the school and the kids you coached?
Hmmm, that one probably wasn't on your list. Although, it wasn't this man's, Mr. Tyrone Curry's, list. How awesome is that?

He won the lottery and got $3.4 million dollars. Not only did he not quit his job or a second one he has too, or go on a huge shopping spree, but he continued his everyday life and gave $40,000 to the school for a new track.

Curry said he knew the very first time he bought a lottery ticket years ago that he would win one day.

"I just knew," he said. "And I know that I'm going to win it again."

When he does, he said, his next project is a new tennis court for the school.

"I want to put in things that can be useful to people, that can be used by the kids, by neighbors and other people. It's not about me, it's about other people and what I can do for them."

What a cool guy!


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