High School Senior Tries To Calm First Day Freshman Jitters

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Scary. Tons of work. Fear inducing. Stressful. Menacing.

For all of the upcoming freshman out there, these might be some of the thoughts rolling through your head about the craziness that is called high school. But fear not, I have been sent to deliver the message that high school isn't all that terrifying.

Seeing that now I am entering my senior year, I often look back on my days as a freshman and remember the amazing experiences that occurred during that year. It is one of the best experiences I have ever been able to enjoy, even though right now it may not seem that way to you.
I remember being wide eyed and terrified walking through those doors feeling small and uncertain. It's the day when you become responsible and have the honor of calling yourself a "High School Student". Just say you are in High School and many younger kids will look to you with respect. And that feeling is worth all of the first day jitters in the world, trust me.

I am sure you're still scared and nervous. So I'm going to tell you about my first day of high school, maybe it will ease your nerves a bit:

On my first day, I was a trebling 14-year-old, no taller then 5' 1", going to school with what seemed like 18-year-old monsters. Many people were much taller then I was and I was scared it would be like every teenage movie I had ever seen (where the older high school kids picked on the small and meek freshmen). And to make matters worse, I couldn't find my English classroom. I looked at my schedule and the number next to the class said 115A. So I made my way through the halls to the class. I walked in, looked around and to my surprise I was in a chemistry classroom. I didn't understand why I had an English class in a chemistry classroom so I asked a girl who looked older then me. It turns out I had read the wrong number on my schedule (I had read the class ID) and I was supposed to be down the hall in 121. I made it to my English class late and explained that I had gotten lost. Luckily, my teacher just smiled and said that it happens to everyone on the first day.

So even with my misadventure I was able to survive my first day. It turns out that the older high schoolers were so helpful and I actually became friends with a lot of them. I loved my classes and my teachers were kind and understanding. I actually loved waking up and going to school now (sounds corny, I know).

So my advice to all of those nervous newbies out there: Be yourselves and don't be nervous! You will surely find a niche in high school that will become your own. There are so many opportunities to experience, so don't miss out because you're too scared to participate. Life is what you make it!

Do you have any first day of school memories or fears about entering high school? Post them below.


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