And Here Come The High School Butterflies...

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Where I am from, 9th grade is sill considered junior high. Even though you are still considered a freshman, you finish junior high as a freshman.

So here I am, starting high school as a newbie and as a sophomore. And I am just as scared to go to high school as I am excited.

I worked my way to the top in junior high. There I was one of the oldest in the school and now I'll be in a whole different school (that's 10x bigger too!) where I'm a part of the group that consists of the the youngest people again.

Also, all of the students already there know so much more than you, and they are so much more experienced than you. I already feel like an ant.
I get butterflies every time the thought of even starting school comes to my mind. I just want it to be as best as it can be. I'm actually even planning to lay out my clothes on my bed the night before, like I'm sure a lot of you do too. I'll pack my book bag full of school supplies, pick out my shoes that will go best with whatever I plan on wearing that day, and figure out a cute hairstyle that will look the best.

I want to walk into high school with a smile and of course, putting my best foot forward. I'm pretty sure right then is when my nerves will start to kick in and do their job of totally terrifying me. But despite all of the high school movies out there, is it really like that with all of the drama and all? Ugh. I really, really hope it's not. I've definitely had my share of drama between girls...and boys and I really don't care for it too much. I mean, don't people grow up and stop with starting drama and making big deals out of nothing? Now that I think about it, starting high school sounds pretty nerve-wracking and scary.

But on the other side, of course I am excited for the high school activities and it's going to be really fun...I hope. Football games and pep rallies will be awesome. Cheerleaders, food, loud music, half-time, and just being there with your friends...doesn't seem like it can get any better right? And don't get me started on Homecoming and Prom! I've been dreaming about this since elementary school, I'm sure you have too. The dress, your jewelry, your hair and makeup , it's kind of like a fairy tale for me. I'm very excited for that, and I'm really looking forward to it all. Don't forget about all of the new friends you will hopefully make too. Who doesn't want new friends? I'll be really eager for it all.

On the plus side, high school days is when you start to drive. Your friends all have cars (which means you can practically go anywhere you'd like for least at my school you can). School lunch was always pretty lame, and usually gross. So I'm definitely looking forward to eating out on the weekdays during school lunch. Especially with all of my closest friends.

I have also heard high school teachers are a lot more harder on you. Is it maybe because you're growing up, and they want you to prepare for the future and the real world? Or maybe it's just because they are just plain mean. Hmm, it could be anything really. But, I'm hoping that I can get close to a teacher (like I've seen in movies, where teachers save lives) and actually like a teacher. Maybe that will happen... or maybe it won't.

I'm nervously excited to start high school. I'm super nervous to be the youngest again, meet new high school teachers, getting lost in the new school and avoiding the drama that comes too. The drama is a big part. I saw what happened in the movie "Mean Girls" and I can definitely live my life without all of that junk. Blah.

I hope none of that stuff happens and my soon-to-be high school experience will be awesome. But, what if it's not? I'm really looking forward to a brand new school year and a brand new school. But deep down, I'm still really nervous and actually dreading the upcoming first day of school...are you?


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