Exclusive: A Day To Remember's Lead Singer Talks High School and Justin Bieber

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At this year's Van's Warped Tour date in Burgettstown, PA, I the had chance to interview the metal-core sensation A Day to Remember's front-man Jeremy McKinnon on his tour bus. I was super psyched to chat with him. We talked the usual music stuff (which I'll tell you about in a later post) but I was super curious to know about his high school life and what kind of music he's into right now.
"In high school, I had a different band with some friends I grew up with. I just hung out with those guys. I was always wrote, that's all I ever did and still do. I was always about music and to myself."

Being the music kid can open the door to bullying in high school, but for Jeremy that wasn't the situation.

"I was just that guy, everyone was cool with me and I kept to myself. I actually got a superlative, like most likely to do something, so it was really surprising because I didn't talk to that many people and they noticed me."

That's pretty cool, right?

Obviously music was a big part of his life and still is today. In high school, he listened to New Found Glory and today he's actually digging the stuff that's on the radio. Who would've thought that Jeremy McKinnon would be into mainstream music? Better yet, who would've ever thought that this rock star would totally be into one of the biggest pop stars of the century...Justin Bieber?!

"I am not the kind of person who has any kind of shame, I listen to anything and everything. Right now, Justin Bieber is hitting me really hard. I watched 'Never Say Never' and that 'Eenie Meenie' song is really freaking catchy. The movie was great too."

Me, practically being the biggest A Day to Remember / Jeremy McKinnon fan out there, I didn't think in a million years that he would say he's into the Biebs. All of his screaming and breakdowns in songs were surely misleading. But hey, I think it's kind of cool he has an eye for other types of music.

Now, all there is to wonder is if maybe J.Biebs is into A Day to Remember or has ever listened to them? Maybe one day they could meet up and become buds. Or how about a collaboration? Hmmm, now that's an awesome idea.


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