Charice Reveals 'Infinity' Album Art and Track Listing

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Charice, popular
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Fans have already heard some of the singer's more upbeat tracks, including 'Louder' and 'One Day,' and they'll get to check out more new tunes when the album arrives this fall. Of course, there will be more opportunities to see the Filipina star perform live in the near future, too.

"I'm looking forward to do more shows for my fans. They mean the world to me," she added. "Can't wait for you all to hear new stuff that I'm working on!"

Charice 'Infinity' Track List:

1. 'Far as the Sky'
2. 'Louder'
3. 'New World'
4. 'Before it Explodes'
5. 'Lost the Best Thing'
6. 'One Day'
7. 'Never Always'
8. 'Bounce Back'
9. 'Lighthouse'
10. 'Lesson for Life'
11. 'Living it Up'

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