Andy Grammer Opens Up About Taylor Swift and Touring With Colbie Caillat (Exclusive)

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Andy Grammer has made quite a splash with his inspiring debut single 'Keep Your Head Up,' earning him spotlights on VH1 and labels like "Artist to Watch" by Billboard and the NY Post. It's no wonder -- the uplifting song is a total hit, and is accompanied by a video that boasts over 2.2 million views on YouTube. It also earned the California native an MTV O award for Most Innovative Video.

'Keep Your Head Up' is featured on the 27-year-old singer-songwriter's self-titled debut, and has made fans out of the likes of Taylor Swift, who even wrote his lyrics on her arm on the first night of her Speak Now tour.

Armed with his upbeat smash and pop LP, Andy is currently trekking around the country on tour with Colbie Caillat. Find out what he had to say about Taylor, being on the road with the 'Bubbly' singer and what inspired his catchy single in our exclusive interview below.
JSYK: Hey, Andy! First, can you tell us what inspired your hit single 'Keep Your Head Up'?

Andy Grammer: I used to play out on the streets in Santa Monica when I started. That's how I made my living. So one day, I was playing out on the promenade and I didn't sell any CDs. When I came home, I decided to write myself a little pick-me-up and it turned out to be 'Keep Your Head Up.' It was really a blessing in disguise.

JSYK: Did you have any idea the song would resonate with so many people?

AG: No, I had no idea. I just always try to write things that are true to me and then hope they feel the same to others.

Andy Grammer

JSYK: Taylor Swift wrote your lyrics on her arm in the beginning of her Speak Now tour. Were you surprised that she did that? Have you two met?

AG: I was totally surprised! What an unbelievable thing to do. We have talked and I love her to death.

JSYK: How has your life changed since the release of your hit single and debut album?

AG: I have just basically been on the road for last six months. So that's different. Also, there are people singing my songs when I get to the cities. That's a little different, too. It's been amazing.

JSYK: 'Keep Your Head Up' is filled with great advice. What else would you say to someone who's facing adversity?

AG: Only rainbows after rain.

JSYK: What will you be doing to close out 2011?

AG: I'm on tour with Colbie Caillat right now and it's so great. She's got such a pure voice and I'm just so lucky to be out with her. So, the two of us will be running around the country singing every night and meeting more fans. Such a great life.


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