A Few Ways To Lessen your Stress

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Summer is winding down and now we are heading back into the jungle of high school. If you are anything like me then you might be pulling out your hair knowing that over the next few months your schedule is packed solid with a mix of homework, extra curricular activities, family plans, and sports. But don't stress, after three years of high school I have learned the tricks behind staying calm and moving on in stressful situations.

Late night study session after a long day with mountains of homework to finish before sunrise? Don't stress.
My first tip is to BREATHE! When you start to panic and get worked up about things you aren't helping the situation. No one needs to have a panic attack the night before a project is due. So before you freak out and shut down, take a second to step back from the work and breathe. That second of breathing will save you a lot of time in the long run, trust me.

Another great tip to keep from breaking down or flaking out is to avoid procrastination. Now, I am sure you have heard this from both teachers and parents for as long as you can remember but I am serious here. One way to kick stress in the butt is to avoid the last minute stress all together. Plan out your workload for the week. If you know you have a huge project coming up on Friday start it Monday, not Thursday night after your swim practice. Plus keeping on top of your work will not just keep stress away, but have major benefits too. Since you are able to balance your time you have more time to relax and enjoy life instead of worrying that you won't finish a project on time.

One great way to stay on top of work is with a planner. Write down all your assignments, even if you can remember them. This helps you visualize how much has to be done and helps you avoid feeling so overwhelmed.

Sometimes it is really helpful to make a simple checklist too. Checklists are great visual tools to help you prioritize and keep you on task. Plus it always feels great when you can check off another task on your checklist once you finish it. (Also, you can reward yourself after completing a certain number of tasks, I love eating a candy bar after finishing some of my assignments.)

Finally, this last tip may seem a little crazy but it is something that definitely kills stress. Go out and have fun! Everyone deserves a break from crazy days, even you. Stress builds on itself over time and if your stressed and don't take a breather then it is only going to get worse. Take that well deserved relaxation time and schedule it into your day. I know I save my Tuesday night for Pretty Little Liars and my Saturday nights for going out with my friends. I schedule my workload around these break times and I enjoy myself while I am not working. This break from a stressful week is how I rev up for the next week.

With these simple tips you can head back to high school stress free and ready to go! Stress is annoying so beat it before it beats you.


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