EXCLUSIVE: Molly Tarlov Discusses "Awkward" Finale & Audition (Video)

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Are you as hooked on MTV's "Awkward." as we are? It looks like some of you are because the show was recently renewed for a second season!

The season finale is coming up soon, but before that you can catch a new episode tonight at 11:30pm EST on MTV. We recently talked to Molly Tarlov at the Abduction carpet about what we can expect in the finale.

"I can spill that Sadie Saxton is going to be really nice," Molly joked. "No that's not true. Don't worry about it, she's still a bitch. That's my spoiler for every episode."

Okay, so Molly wouldn't really give us any spoilers, but she did tell us about her audition process and how she has a special voice for Sadie. Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with her co-star Beau Mirchoff!

Do you watch "Awkward."? Who is your favorite character?

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