Justin Bieber Sings With Elmo on 'Sesame Street' ... Kinda

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'Sesame Street' has hosted plenty of guest stars, but now the children's series is tipping its hat to Justin Bieber in its new season. While the 17-year-old doesn't exactly appear on the show, a lookalike puppet is shown singing a new song with Elmo, which sounds just like the Biebs' hit 'Never Say Never.'

The Bieber-like character is styled with side-swept bangs, a black leather jacket and dog tag necklaces, duetting on a song called 'Measure, Yeah, Measure.' Not only does the tune have the same melody as the single, but the clip is set up just like the 'Never Say Never' video with Elmo filling Jaden Smith's role.
The song is super cute, but we would have loved to see the real Justin appear on the show, kind of like Katy Perry did back in the day, only without the controversy.

Check out a video clip of 'Measure, Yeah, Measure' below and let us know what you think of it in the comments. Should Justin have teamed up with 'Sesame Street' and guest starred on the episode instead?

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