EXCLUSIVE: Pete Wentz & Keke Palmer Talk Digital Drama at the DISconnected Premiere (Video)

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Have you ever experience cyber bullying or had to deal with digital drama? If you have, or know someone who has, then you will definitely want to check out MTV's newest original movie 'DISconnected.'

'DISconnected' tells the story of four young people living in different cities who know each other through a live streaming site. Isaiah is a big presence on the site, but has trouble relating to his girlfriend Nikki when they're together. Lisa's attraction to her boyfriend Jack -- who she met online -- heats up as she makes plans to meet up with him. Maria's constant texting of her boyfriend John ignites a break-up feud that extends to their friends and profiles. Tom refuses to reveal his identity when he posts his music online, but antagonizes others from the safety of his bedroom laptop. All of them are dealing with digital drama that complicates their loves, friendships, and lives. One night, it all spins out of control.

We were at the premiere last night where we had the chance to speak to guests like Keke Palmer, who is actively working to stop cyber bullying, and Pete Wentz, who has teamed up with Jac Vanek and A Thin Line to take a stand against digital drama.

"This movie is going to be great for people to see...[for] bullies, the people that are bullying so they can see how it is on the other side, and then also the people that are being bullied just so they can see that somebody understands what they're going through," Keke told us.

Pete shared, "MTV contacted me to be involved in the Thin Line campaign. Technology and social media has changed and it's become easier and more accessible. At the same time it's easier to be anonymous...I'll be looking at my replies on twitter and the stuff people will say online...is just insane."

On a lighter note, we also asked Keke, Pete, Sick Puppies, and the Feud if they recalled their first time on the internet.

DISconnected premieres on MTV at 9pm EST on Monday, October 10. To learn more about the Thin Line campaign, visit athinline.org.

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