Willow Smith Debuts "Fireball" Single With Nicki Minaj Plus Amazing "Epiphany" Video

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Willow Smith just released her new single, "Fireball" and the track features Nicki Minaj! Listen to the song here and let us know what you think in the comments below.

"I ain't never been the one to toot my own horn, beep, beep," she sings in the lyrics. "Now watch me put on, I set fire everywhere I play, make them all go insane, L.A. to UK. Now Imma burn it up, when I step on the scene, my all crew is fresh, and they rolling with me. You can turn me up yep to the extreme, Imma rock the world till they follow with me."

She also posted a pretty amazing video on her official Facebook page showing her creative process when writing her first song. Yep, this girl is a star.

It's called "The Epiphany" and deals with her decision about whether to pursue singing or dance... or both. Willow says she's not sure if it will appear on any album she releases, but we were blown away by her creativity in the video and how much know-how she has about recording music. And who knew she can dance ballet on point!

"I just want you guys' input on how it is because I've never really done this before," she said. "I'm really excited and I just want you guys to love it. This right here, is the epiphany."

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