EXCLUSIVE: The Black Cards Album Will Be "Weird Pop" (Video)

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Pete Wentz has been hard at work with his new band the Black Cards and fans are eagerly awaiting their debut album.

We caught up with Pete at the DISconnected premiere where he told us just what we can expect with the album.

"We're going to put an album out first quarter and probably a single this Fall. We'll be touring October and November," Pete told us. "It's taken about 9 months to figure out what the dynamic and the sound is. It's definitely a body of work that's just a weird pop album. It's like everything that I've been into for the past 5 years mashed up."

Sounds truly interesting! We can't wait to hear it. Don't forget that Pete has teamed up with Jac Vanek and A Thin Line to create a special bracelet and dog tag to help promote the end of digital drama. To find out how you can get one, check out A Thin Line's facebook after the premiere of DISconnected on MTV tomorrow night.

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