The Ready Set Opens Up About 'Feel Good Now,' Touring and His Next LP (Exclusive)

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JordanWitzigreuter, TheReadySet
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Here, Jordan opens up about his newfound fame, the inspiration behind his latest single and when fans can expect to get their hands on a full-length album.

JSYK: How has your life changed since the success of 'Love Like Woe'?

Jordan Witzigreuter: Life has definitely gotten way busier, and I've gotten opportunities to do some amazing things and play to some insane crowds. It feels like it was just a cool introduction. Makes me very excited for the future.

The Ready Set

JSYK: Is the title of your new EP a statement or a directive?

JW: A little bit of both. If you want good things to happen, you've gotta be feeling good all the time, and feeling positive and optimistic. I think it's just a bright, uplifting, simple concept, so I love it.

JSYK: Was 'Hollywood Dream' inspired by anyone in particular?

JW: Not really. It's a story about wanting something that seems incredibly out of reach, but not wanting to give up on it, turned into a desperate love song.

JSYK: You're heading out on the road with All Time Low soon. What are some of your must-haves on tour?

JW: I really just overpack and bring literally everything with me, but I like to bring a ton of jackets, even if it's not cold.

JSYK: When can fans expect your next full-length album?

JW: Hopefully spring of 2012! I'm gonna have some other things come out before then though, so new music is always coming.

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