"Aim High" Live Chat with Aimee Teegarden and Jackson Rathbone

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Aim High premieres right here on Tuesday, October 18th and to celebrate, Aimee Teegarden and Jackson Rathbone will be stopping by Cambio's offices on the show's release day to answer fans questions and introduce the killer new online series.

'Aim High' follows Nick Green (Rathbone) a regular high school student, and kind of a nerd, with a secret. He's actually a government agent and a trained counter-terrorism assassin. When he's not taking people out, he's trying to pass biology and win the heart of Amanda (Teegarden) who couldn't care less.

The series, produced by McG, is the first of its kind and uses Facebook technology to personalize the episodes. Have a question for Aimee and Jackson? Start submitting your questions now on Twitter using #AimHighCambio.

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