Fashion DIY: Designer Handbag

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Calling all fashionistas, we have a new fashion series: FASHION DIY. Always wanted that must-have designer accessory but just can't afford it? Well if you have the creative know-how, you can basically own your own version. FASHION DIY is a how-to video helping all our Fashionable fans create their own high-end designer pieces.

This week we are creating our own version of a Celine bag out of a basic leather clutch.

Other materials we will be using are:
- Paintbrush
- Painter's tape
- Acrylic clear Gesso paint
- Acrylic full body paint in whatever color you desire - we used a bold orange
- And Matte Finishing Spray

All of these can be found in your neighborhood art supply store. So first decide where you want to paint your clutch. We will be emulating a clutch from the Celine so we are painting the lower area of the bag. Once you have decided, place your painter's tape along the bag, this will ensure you paint in a straight line across. You can measure out each side with a ruler if you want to be exact about your tape placement.

Next take your Clear Gesso paint and your paintbrush and get ready to prep the bag. Clear Gesso Paint will prepare your bag to ensure that the leather takes to the paint as well as that the paint won't seep through into the bag.

Let the Gesso Paint dry - it has a vanishing effect to let you know when it is dry and ready to be painted on.

Next, take your paint and a new paintbrush and begin painting. Make sure to smooth along any clumps along the way. Let the first coat dry and then go in and paint on a second coat to really make the color pop!

Once that's dry and you have double-checked that you haven't missed any spots, put the paint away and get out your Matte Finishing Spray.

Shake the bottle and begin to spray the area of paint. If you want to keep your bag safe, you can cover the op unpainted part so as not to get any finishing spray on it.

The Finishing spray willl ensure that the paint stays on the bag through rain or shine. Once that dries, peel away the tape to check out your finished product. Then throw your keys and lip gloss into your new chic clutch and take it out for a spin!

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