'Good And Bad' With Sasha Pieterse

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Sasha Pieterse stopped by our office last week to discuss the Halloween special episode of 'Pretty Little Liars,' airing on ABC Family on Wednesday, but first we asked her a round of 'Good and Bad.' So how does she feel about playing the bad girl on the show?

"The most fun part about playing the bad girl is that there really is no repercussions from anything that I say or do," she told us. "Other than I feel terrible sometimes when I totally torture someone and then we cut and I'm like, 'I'm sorry!' -- it always ends up being Spencer or Hanna, I'm always yelling at them for something."

When asked about the good and bad to playing someone who is already dead, Sasha lists job security as being one of the big perks.

"The good part of playing a dead girl... they can't really kill me off, I'm already dead," she said. "The bad part? I don't think there really is a bad part. I mean, a negative I guess could be I'm never in present time, I'm always in stuff that's happened, but I think I have it pretty good."

Check Cambio tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Sasha about the 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode!

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