'Boy Meets World' Star Receives Child Star Psychology From Tiny 'Mad Men' Shrink (Video)

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Do you love "Boy Meets World"? Do you love "Mad Men"? How about "Modern Family"? Then we have the perfect video to share with you.

Kiernan Shipka is best known for playing Jon Hamm and January Jones' daughter on the hit "Mad Men" and because of this she has learned quite a lot of about psychology. "I've learned a lot about child psychologists from my work on 'Mad Men' which qualifies me to be one in real life," she says at the beginning of this new Funny Or Die short.

Kiernan opens shop to help out some child stars (past and present) who are struggling with a few issues. Our favorite patient - Danielle Fishel aka Topanga from "Boy Meets World." In her "session," Danielle has to come to terms with the failure of her show "The Dish" but she goes a little crazy when she starts talking to a homemade Emmy Award.

Also appearing in the short are Nolan Gould from "Modern Family," baby Hope from "Raising Hope," and Eden Wood from "Toddlers & Tiaras."

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