Behind the Scenes with Debby Ryan, Chase Ryan and Chad Hively

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When Debby Ryan isn't starring on her hit show "Jessie," she's constantly writing and producing music with her brother Chase Ryan and their friends. Debby and Chase recently teamed up with their friend Chad Hively for the catchy tune "We Ended Right" and Cambio was behind-the-scenes with the trio during their cover photoshoot.

"The song came together when these two masterminds [Chase & Chad] brought this awesome song to me which I couldn't get out of my head for days," Debby told us. So what's the meaning of the song?

"It's not about a bad relationship," Debby explained. "It's about something that was sweet. A lot of the songs I write that are breakup songs tend to be fueled by rage. This one is a little more mature."

Debby, Chase, and Chad had a blast taking photos and even found some red electrical tape to use as a prop. We even played their song during the shoot and they immediately started singing along. So is there more music in the future for these three? You bet! In the meantime, "We Ended Right" is currently available on iTunes.

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