New Red Band Trailer Episode With Zooey Deschanel And Diablo Cody (Video)

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If you haven't checked out 'Juno' writer Diablo Cody's awesome web series, Red Band Trailer (filmed inside her trailer somewhere in Laurel Canyon), you're missing out. But it's okay because we're posting the latest episode featuring Zooey Deschanel today.

"Are you aware of what a beautiful and musical sounding name you have and how blessed you are to have said name?" Diablo, who's real name is Brooke, asks. "I'm thankful for the name," Zooey replies.

Watch the episode to hear Zooey talk about her roles in 'Almost Famous,' 'Elf,' and 'New Girl'
and her new website, HelloGiggles, where she has drawn a hard line on negative comments.

"I'll see comments where people go like, 'I hate this person, they should kill themself', I literally have seen that so many times," she said. "It's really surprising that that is the thing that comes out of people when they're given the opportunity to express themselves anonymously."

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