Exclusive 'Supah Ninjas' Interview: Tonight's One Hour Episode is Crazy (Video)

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Robert Voets/Nickelodeon

Tonight is the big one-hour episode of "Supah Ninjas" on Nickelodeon and we had the chance to chat with Ryan Potter, Carlos Knight and Gracie Dzienny all about it.

In "Ishina," the evil Ishina clan unleash a destructive computer virus in Empire City in an attempt to destroy their rivals' secret lair, the Fukanaga clan's dojo. When the virus threatens to destroy the dojo, Grandfather (George Takei) makes the difficult choice to shut it, and himself, down forever in order to protect the Supah Ninjas and the sacred Floating Sword. After the Ishina abduct Mike's cousin, Connor, and demand The Floating Sword in exchange for his safe return, Mike embraces his destiny and reunites the Supah Ninjas to battle the Ishina in an ultimate showdown.

"It's a crazy episode," Gracie told us. "There's a lot of really cool fight scenes and we have a lot dealing with Yamota and Grandfather and sides of them we have never seen before."

And this time, the group is battling other ninjas. "We've fought plenty of villains before. We've never fought ninjas with training that is similar to ours. So now it's like the stakes are risen. We're not just fighting one ninja...we're fighting a bunch of ninjas. It's like fighting yourself."

Gracie also shared that we'll learn more about the ninjas' lives before they were ninjas. Sounds exciting! Watch all the action go down tonight at 8:30pm on Nickelodeon.

Right before "Ishina," you can catch a brand new episode of "Big Time Rush" at 8pm called "Big Time Super Heroes." In the episode, Hawk has returned with an evil plan to take down the guys. He has broken into Rocque Records and stolen Big Time Rush's entire second album! Will the guys get their songs back before Hawk releases them as his own recordings?

Check out our interview with Ryan, Carlos and Gracie as well as clips from Supah Ninjas and BTR.

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