Fashion DIY: Bracelet

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Today we are bringing you the "know-how" to make a trendy bracelet in the same style as the well known edgy brand Giles & Brother. All you will need is a pair of scissors, tape, a roll of hemp string and a few hex nuts. Both the hemp string and hex nuts can be found at your local hardware store for next to nothing! You can also use a leather strand if you want to glam it up!

After you pick all these items, take the hemp roll and cut 3 even strands of the string, at least a foot long, depending on your wrist size. Tie the three strings together into one knot and tape it down on a table. Begin to braid the string tightly.

When you reach about 1/3 of the way down, take 10 hex nuts (more of less depending on your taste, just make sure it's an even number) and place them to the side of your braid. Begin to braid in the hex nuts. Each nut is placed on the outside string, then cross that string over to the middle. Make sure to keep tightening the braid as you place each nut on there. Also, take note to alternate each outer string, from left to right, as you continue to braid each hex nut into the bracelet.

Once all you have finished braiding all the nuts onto your bracelet, continue to braid the strings alone. When you have reached near the bottom or the length of the bracelet you want, tie a knot on the end.

Now, just tie the bracelet onto your wrist, and voila! Everyone will want one, once they see you with this hot must have accessory!


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