Exclusive: Jackson Rathbone Talks Possible 'Aim High' Season 2 at 'Breaking Dawn' Premiere

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Huge Aim High news! And no, we're not talking about the never-before-seen still of Jackson Rathbone pictured above (which we love though). No, we're talking about the fact that when we talked to Jackson on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Breaking Dawn' on Monday, a day before episode five premiered on Cambio and Facebook, he hinted at reading a script for a possible season two of the online action series.

"Season two... we might have a preliminary script worked up," he said. "We're still working on it, still figuring it out."

We hope this is true as we would love to see more Nick Green on the web. Meanwhile, there's only one new episode left in season one! Have you watched all five episodes? Click here to catch up and stay tuned to Cambio for some exciting Aim High news tomorrow. Want to hear the news straight from Jackson's mouth himself? Check it out in the short (but oh-so-sweet) clip below. And thanks for the Cambio shout out at the beginning Jackson, you're our BFF.

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