Exclusive: In The Studio With Cody Simpson

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We hung out in an L.A. studio with Cody Simpson last week (we're not telling exactly where) and caught up with him about recording his debut full-length.

Cody has already released two EPs, '4U' and 'Coast to Coast,' but he says his first full-length album will definitely be different. "I think this time around I really, really have a vision of what I want it to look and what I want it to sound like," Cody said.

The pop star also dished on his dream collaboration: Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars. "I'm a big fan of Justin Timberlake, his musical style is amazing." He also said fans should expect great collaborations on his upcoming album.

Cody said he enjoys the creative process of recording. "I love being in the studio because it's the place where I get to create the music that I will then go out and perform on tour."

We also chatted with the Aussie about his recent tour in Japan, being immersed in the culture and learning a few Japanese phrases. "I was speaking great Japanese by the end," said Cody.

Be sure to pick-up Cody's latest release 'Coast to Coast,' and his doll, or as he likes to call it his "action-figure," that will be in Toys-R-Us stores this holiday season.

By Tiffany Taylor

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