Fashion DIY: Accessorize With Tassels

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It's time for another awesome at-home adventure in Fashion DIY! This week's lesson is on tassels. From Marc Jacobs putting tassels on shoes to Burberry tasseling bags, tassels are the big trend for the next year. Luckily for all the fashionistas out there, Fashion DIY is giving you a step-by-step video on how to make tassels to throw on purses and any other items you want to fringe out.

First, you will need: faux or real leather, hot glue gun or super glue, fabric scissors, a ruler, a marker and cording (this is a thicker type of thread that can be bought at any fabric store).

Cut the leather into two even rectangles the size you want your tassels to be. Take one rectangle and draw a line across it, 1 inch from the top.

Then along the bottom of that same piece, make marks at 1/4 inch increments. Draw vertical lines from those marks to the line at the top.

Once all the lines are drawn, begin to cut up the vertical lines. Stop the cut when you get to the horizontal line marked 1 inch from the top.

After you finish cutting, take your cording and your glue. Glue one end of the cord to either the far left or far right of the uncut inch of the leather you have been working on. Begin to roll up the leather around the cording until you reach the other end of your leather piece. Glue down the loose end of leather so your tassel won't unravel.

Repeat the exact same steps with your other piece of leather.

Voila! You have your own tassels to update all your looks.

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