Exclusive: "X Factor" Contestants Give Thanks During Tonight's Performances (Video)

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Cambio went to visit with our friends over at The X Factor, and the contestants made a little time for us to talk about this week's song choices and dedications. Keeping in the holiday spirit, this episode is all about "Giving Thanks."

Some of the contestants (ahem, Rachel Crow) weren't ready to reveal who their special dedications were, keeping it a surprise for us fans when we watch tomorrow night.

"I'm dedicating this week to a certain member in my family which I'll reveal Tuesday," Josh Krajcik told us.

Marcus Canty gave us a little insight on his personal life, and we're sorry to tell you ladies but he is taken, "My dedication this week is for that special lady in my life...she's my ride or die."

After Astro's big debacle last week, he has some making up to do. But he wanted to make sure that he paid tribute and dedicated his performance to anyone that still stays strong with him. "Anybody that's with team Astro. Astronauts all around the world, and mainly hip hop"

Who are you guys excited to see perform on Tuesday's November 22nd show before going into a food coma on Turkey Day?

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