Highlights From 'The Muppets' Premiere

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Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Oscar Nunez, Rico Rodriguez, James Carville, Ok Go are just some of the stars that shared their muppet stories with us at 'The Muppets' red carpet premiere. They talked about the first time they ever watched the muppets and Jason told us his first memory was watching it with his mother. Awwwwwwwwwww.

When asked how she got the part, Amy revealed that Kermit and Jason sent her a video and demanded she be in the movie. Who could say no to a personalized plea from Kermeee?

When it came to if there was one muppet everyone wanted to be there were some who love Fozzy, others Animal, but the one that most of our stars would love to be is actually Miss Piggy! Miss Piggy herself felt very honored that she was the main muppet. Jason Segel, however, did share a little secret that over the years Miss Piggy has had some work done... watch out Jason, you don't want the wrath of Miss Piggy on you.

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