"The Hunger Games" Cornucopia vs. The Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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hunger games
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Getty | LionsGate

One of the scenes we were most excited to see in the trailer for 'The Hunger Games' was in the final seconds of the video where Katniss is lifted into the arena and sees her competitors for the first time in the games, each standing on a pedestal, waiting to jump off and... well, kill her. It's called the cornucopia.

Tributes must decide whether or not to risk their lives and run towards the giant gold horn, which contains weapons and valuable supplies that will give tributes a leg up in the games, or run straight from the woods in order to make sure they're not one of the initial slain in the cornucopia bloodbath. Seems like a good idea to run into the woods, however, then you are weaponless and have to defend yourself against the tributes who got the weapons.

Many thanks to Suzanne Collins for taking a traditional Thanksgiving image we all drew pictures of in school with crayons every November and turning it into one of the most gruesome things ever depicted in teen fiction.

Want to know the origins of cornucopias in mythology? Click over to the official cornucopia Wikipedia page. Yeah, we were surprised there was one of those too. Happy Thanksgiving!

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