Fashion DIY: High-Fashion, Low-Cost Earrings

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Today on Fashion DIY we are creating some great holiday jewelry inspired by a set of Chanel earrings. These earrings have been seen on runways around the world and on Britney Spears in her 'Criminal' video. You better get started now, so you can wear them to all the holiday parties you have lined up!

What you will need: gold chain (we used two different types, but you only need one type), jump rings (varied sizes), pliers, fish hook earrings and black matte spray paint.

Take your chain and cut several pieces of the same length. (We used about 10 chains per ear.) Take a smaller size jump ring and hook 3 chains onto it. You can use your pliers to tighten the rings. Repeat that until all your chains are hooked to a ring.

Then take a large jump ring and hook half of the small jump rings onto it. That is one earring. Take your fishhook earring and hook the large jump ring on it. Repeat to make the other earring.

Take your earrings and spread them out over newspaper. Grab your spray paint and spray the bottom of the chains for an ombre affect. Make sure to do two coats to get the color dark enough. Let them air dry for a few hours before moving.

Your earrings are sure to be a showstopper at any event! Happy holidays, fashionistas!

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