Exclusive: Jacob Latimore Talks About His Musical Childhood, His Idols and His Tour

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Jacob Latimore visited Cambio and told us about his single, his tour and his lifelong love affair with music. Jacob comes from a musical family and has been singing since the tender age of 3. His whole family loves to sing, so it was only natural that Jacob did too. It wasn't until years later that he realized he could make a career out of music.

Jacob's musical influences range from old school classics like The Temptations to current favorites Chris Brown and Usher - and of course Michael Jackson. Though he is totally relaxed and at home on stage, Jacob hasn't always been a fan of the recording studio. It turns out that as a child he used to cry during recording sessions! Now Jacob sees the studio as the perfect place to try new things and even mess up. He saves his perfectionism for the stage. In fact, his first time on stage Jacob felt like he'd been performing all of his life.

Justin Timberlake and Timbaland are Jacob's dream musical collaborations. He's already had one dream realized: meeting Chris Brown! When Jacob opened for Chris Brown, he had the chance to meet with him and dance with him. Currently Jacob is on the Scream Tour with Diggy Simmons and Mindless Behavior. He loves working with performers his own age, since the majority of the people he works with are a lot older than him.

To check out Jacob's single on iTunes, click here. More information on his tour with is available here.

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