Alloy Presents: Rachel Zoe On Holiday Accessorizing How-To (Exclusive)

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We've got another exclusive outtake from LG Style Rules With Rachel Zoe! Are you wondering what to wear to an upcoming holiday party? We've got an exclusive style tip from the styllist almost every celebrity in Hollywood turns to for advice, including Anne Hathaway, Rachel Zoe.

"I always love glitz around the holidays, I love anything with sparkle."

There you have it. Zoe also recommends wearing statement necklaces, stacking bracelets and wearing lots of cocktail rings to your holiday festivities this year. This would work well especially if you wore an outfit comprised of dark stockings and a dark turtleneck, which would give a great canvas for the bold jewelry to pop off of.

Think you've got a better idea for holiday style? You could be on an episode of Style Rules and win a lot of sweet prizes from Rachel. Just submit a photo along with your number one holiday style rule on their Facebook page for a chance to appear in an episode.

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