'Pretty Little Liars' to Reveal Identity of 'A' on Season Finale

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pretty little liars
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ABC Family

Hold on to your seats, 'Pretty Little Liars' fans. 'A' will reportedly be revealed in the upcoming season finale of the hit ABC Family show.

Yes, we're serious. Naturally, details on how it will happen are being kept under wraps, but according to Entertainment Weekly, Rosewood's best kept secret will be revealed on March 19.

"We're running on adrenaline to the finish line," creator and executive producer Marlene King tells the magazine. "This finale is virgin territory in the sense that we are answering some ultra huge questions. We're giving the audience a lot to digest and talk about between seasons two and three."

But that's not all the exciting news. EW says someone will finally be arrested for Alison's murder. You better make sure your DVRs are working! 'Pretty Little Liars' returns on January 2 at 8PM ET on ABC Family.

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