First Official Movie Poster For "The Hunger Games" With Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Revealed

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Behold! The first official movie trailer for The Hunger Games as pieced together by fans this morning when LionsGate scattered one hundred pieces across various sites. Kudos to the dedicated tributes who tracked down all the pieces to solve the puzzle


Behold the first official movie poster for The Hunger Games, as pieced together by fans this morning when LionsGate scattered 100 pieces across various sites.

The first person to put all the pieces together goes by the Twitter handle @johnshoward and he's a graphic designer. He sent out a tweet earlier in the day when he had located 79 of the pieces and then his next tweet was a photo of the finished poster.

The poster features the pharse "The World Will Be Watching" along with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) looking towards what we guess is the jumbo tron in District 12 because the banners are only for the District 12 tributes Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson).

(Watch the trailer for The Hunger Games)

Although, Katniss would be at the arena, not back in her District.. and she wouldn't have her bow and arrow yet because she starts the games with nothing so we're guessing this is somewhat of an abstract poster or a mash up from different parts of the movie. Maybe it's been too long since we read the books, but when does her mockingjay pin burst into flames, during the opening ceremony?

We are still wishing for a glimspe into a moment from the games themselves, like the bloodbath or the projections in the sky. And we still haven't seen Foxface yet! We might just have to wait until March 23rd for that one.

Fans, jump in here in the comments below. What do you think of the poster? Any guesses as to which scene it is from, if any? Does this poster make you more or less excited to see the movie? Lastly, any plans for a Hunger Games book marathon over the winter break? That's high up on this fan's list of holiday to dos.



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