Demi Lovato Cover Art Revealed For "Give Your Heart A Break"

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demi lovato
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Demi Lovato revealed album art for the next single off her Unbroken album, Give Your Heart A Break. The cover features Demi wearing an off-the-shoulder fuzzy white sweater with untamed hair and peachy lips.

"Exciting news! If you haven't already heard - my new single from Unbroken will be Give Your Heart a Break," she wrote on Facebook. "Definitely one of my favorites from the album :) - xo Demi"

Demi looks beautiful on the cover, but we're also really loving her new Twitter profile pic as well (right). Fierce. Demi just wrapped up her Unbroken tour with her final stop in Puerto Rico. "I NEVER FELL ONCE ON THIS TOUR!!!!!!!! Hahhahahaha" the singer tweeted.

What do you think about Demi's artwork for her next single?

Do you like the Give Your Heart A Break cover?
Obviously. Demi looks gorgeous!1491 (80.2%)
Very pretty, but also very similar to her other Unbroken artwork.203 (10.9%)
She should have used the photo on the right.165 (8.9%)

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