Make Them Over: Episode Two

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Our two teams of best friends have just discovered that their Hollywood makeover is in the hands of perfect strangers. Southern Belles Caroline and Emily have never met Dance Divas Janice and Lillian, but with the help of their AT&T Vivid phones each team will pick out clothing options for the other team.

While shopping for outfits Caroline and Emily discover that Janice is not a sequin person. Lilian and Janice realize that the options they painstakingly selected are getting rejected. To make things crazier, Emily wants to shop for herself rather than for Lillian and Janice. Will Janice and Lillian feel confident with their choices or will they give up? Will Emily get out of the changing room and start shopping for Janice and Lillian? Watch as our two teams shop to 'Make Them Over.'

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