'The Hunger Games' Seventeen Magazine Photo Shoot with Alexander Ludwig

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Attention all fans of The Hunger Games, want to know more about what it was like starring in the soon-to-be blockbuster film? We went behind the scenes with the boys of the The Hunger Games at their Prom-themed photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine and got you the scoop. We talked to Alexander Ludwig about his experiences filming The Hunger Games and his memories of his own high school Prom.

Alexander plays Cato, the bad boy tribute from District 2, a role which Alexander told us he enjoys very much (but who wouldn't?). Alexander's training for the movie included hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. His favorite fight scene, and one of the scenes we're excited to see, was the Cornucopia scene because his character dominated it.

During filming Alexander wrecked his ankle, but he didn't mind it because he enjoyed doing his own stunts so much. Alexander loved filming in North Carolina because he loves the outdoors and the scenery in North Carolina was beautiful.

As for Prom, Alexander says it was the time of his life and he didn't roll in at home until 9AM! His ideal date would be Tina Fey because she is funny and has the mystique of an older woman. LOL.

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