Taylor Lautner Talks About Punching His 'Abduction' Co-Star

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Taylor Lautner's action film 'Abduction' hits shelves next month, and now the 19-year-old is dishing on how all of those fight sequences went down.

Fans know that Tay does his own stunts, but while everything is choreographed to stay safe, the actor reveals that in things got a little too real at one point.

"It was all for real, which is great and involved a lot of training," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "We weren't wearing gloves, so if one of us messes up, we're literally getting punched with a bare fist -- and that did end up happening once. I felt so bad."

Luckily, his co-star was okay. Watch Taylor's exclusive interview below, and get psyched for the release of 'Abduction' on Blu-ray and DVD on January 17.

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