Street Style Hollywood: Alyssa, Lei, Taeylr And Monroe

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We hit the streets of Hollywood to get fashion advice from ordinary girls with extraordinary style. Watch what happens when we ask four girls to define their look and tell us where they like to shop

First, we talked to Alyssa who described her street style as casual -- she just puts on whatever she can and goes. Her jacket features shoulder pads which Alyssa likes because it gives definition to her sleeves. She also sports some very creative nails and wears a bracelet as a memento of a close friend. Her style advice: be yourself.

Lei's priorities are comfortable, colorful and trendy. She gets inspired by magazines and blogs to mix expensive and affordable pieces, she even made her necklace herself. As a petite person, she stresses the importance of focusing on proportions. Lei's trick for elongating her lower body: skinny jeans.

Taelyr and Monroe are friends who both have serious style. They're are both girly, but Monroe models her look after the pin-ups of years past while Taelyr uses pieces from several different stores, but alters them to fit her. Monroe loves to make fashion her own, customizing her personality along with her style. Monroe's advice: always rock it.

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