Blog: Makin' 2012 Incredible! Advice for Miley, LiLo and Kim!

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For several of our fave celebs, 2011 was filled with some major ups and some even bigger downs - yeah, we're talking about you, Kardashian. Now that 2012 is officially underway, what better time than the present to figure out how to make the upcoming year the best one ever. So, we took this little op to put together a few ideas for Miley, Lindsay and Kim that we know can help make 2012 a year to remember!

Miley Cyrus: Think Before you Speak!

Miley Cyrus likes to tell it like it is - but sometimes that lands her in hot water. The Disney Princess found herself in some pretty uncomfortable situations back in 2011, from her birthday party slip-up to exchanging words with a not-so-nice fan while in Costa Rica.

In order for Miley to make 2012 truly spectacular, she needs to remember one rule: think before you speak! Miley's a role model and people look up to her. Before she says something that will, undoubtedly, show up on YouTube, she needs to pause for a sec. It's not so simple to do, especially when you're just 19 years old! But, if Miley can master this motto, we guarantee she''ll have one amazing year!

Lindsay Lohan: Get a J.O.B

2011 wasn't easy for the Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan. The troubled actress spent more time being critiqued for her court room attire than her acting roles - because she didn't have any! Fortunately, LiLo ended the year on a good note, having completed her community service and even earning some praise from the court. Plus, she scored a modeling gig for Jag Jeans.

Although it's a start, if Lindsay really wants to have a better 2012, she needs to focus on getting a REAL acting role. Finding a part that truly showcases her amazing talent and reminds us why she's famous in the first place.

After all, who doesn't love a good comeback?

Kim Kardashian: Trust your Instincts!

When we talk about highs and lows in 2011, no bigger name comes to mind that Kim Kardashian. After a whirlwind romance with NBA star, Kris Humphries, the reality star tied the knot in a multi-million dollar, fairy tale wedding.

72 days later, she filed for divorce.

(Ouch!) What went wrong? For one, Ms. Kardashian didn't go with her gut. Kim and Kris weren't two people madly in love; they were two people who could barely stand each other, which was evident in their E! reality series.

Here's the catch... we think Kim knew all wasn't well with the relationship, but she didn't follow her instincts. 2012 is a new beginning and our advice for Kim is to listen to her intuition - the same intuition that led her to end things with K-Hump. If she can learn to trust herself, then just maybe 2012 will bring everything she's looking for!

Sound Off! Will these lovely ladies make 2012 GREAT?

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