Rihanna Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of 'Battleship'

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Rihanna will make her way to the big screen in May when her first film, 'Battleship,' is released, and now the singer is dishing on how she developed her character, Raikes.

"My character, her name is Raikes, and she's a weapons officer," the R&B star says in a new behind-the-scenes clip. "She's not afraid of anything. She loves weapons, she knows them, and not only her weapons but every other weapon on the ship."

Rihanna was guided by a Naval officer named Jacqueline Carrizosa, who was hired as a technical advisor for the singer, teaching her how to stand and act. RiRi looked at Jackie, as she calls her, as the perfect model for Raikes.

The songbird added about her character, "She's fearless and she's one of the boys, and it was really fun to just explore that."

Check out Rihanna's new behind the scenes video below, and get ready for 'Battleship' to hit theaters on May 18.

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