EXCLUSIVE: It's JWoww's World

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Welcome to JWoww's world - a world of fabulous products designed to help you become a girl worthy of a Jersey Shore nickname. On her recent visit to Cambio, she let us know what other projects she has been up to and let's just say, she's been up to a lot.

If you've been searching for a product to help you avoid ugly tan lines, JWoww has a solution for you. Her new bikini line has no straps, but still stays on, keeping you well-covered as you enjoy the sun. As for sunless tanning, JWoww can help you there too. Get the same all-over glow she has with her own tanning spray. And if that's not enough, complete your transformation by smelling like JWoww too; her all year round perfume is available and as she says, you can wear it in summer or winter, during the day or at night in a club. Here's to staying JWowwlicious!

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