Exclusive: Jennette McCurdy Dishes On Filming "iCarly" With First Lady Michelle Obama

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Jennette McCurdy stopped by Cambio to talk about a very special guest star who will appear on an upcoming episode of iCarly, Michelle Obama. Jennette gave us the scoop on what Mrs. Obama is really like.

Mrs. Obama, who just joined Twitter, arrived on the set with several secret service agents, but once there she got right down to business. In the episode, Mrs. Obama's character surprises Carly and helps her come to terms with the fact that her father is away from home because he is in the military. Speaking with military families is something Michelle does in real life.

Apparently Mrs. Obama's skills extend to acting as well. Jennette described her as being very relaxed on set. You can see from our exclusive behind-the-scenes clips that Mrs. Obama seemed to be enjoying herself during filming.

We asked Jennette what she would like to do with Mrs. Obama if they spent a day together at the White House. Jennette wants to have a tea party with grilled cheese sandwiches in the Oval Office, then take her dog, Chewbacca, out for a walk with Mrs. Obama and her dog, Bo. She'd read some books from the White House library and end the day with some shopping.

Jennette loves Mrs. Obama's style and would take any fashion advice she has. Mrs. Obama did tell Jennette her secret for staying in shape: simple workouts. This special episode of iCarly airs on Nickelodeon on January 16th.

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