Demi Lovato Suprises Fans With Live 'Give Your Heart a Break' Performance for VEVO GO

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demi lovato
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Demi Lovato gave fans the surprise of a lifetime when she appeared on an 18-wheeler outside the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta last month, performing her latest single, 'Give Your Heart a Break,' as a part of VEVO GO's concert series.

The event was filmed for all of her fans to see, and is now available online, complete with behind-the-scenes interviews. "I'm actually really nervous right now, because I've never done a 'Go' show and I've never done an unannounced show before," Demi said before her big surprise appearance.

Naturally, as she rounded the corner on the big truck, fans began screaming and running to the mobile stage. She nailed her rendition of the 'Unbroken' track, stoking out the many Lovatics waiting outside the venue.

Afterwards, Demi expressed how much fun she had, and is looking forward to doing another impromptu show in the future. "I would love to do that again," she added. "A surprise show would be really, really fun, and I think that it turned out to be a success, so I'd love to do it again."

Watch Demi's VEVO GO show below and let us know what you think of the performance in the comments. Would you want to see Demi perform more surprise concerts?

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