Exclusive: Miranda Cosgrove Talks iCarly, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry

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iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Cambio about the new soundtrack for her hit Nickelodeon series. Miranda told us how iSoundtrack II was a cast effort: the cast chose their favorite songs from the show and a few new songs from Miranda were added as well. Miranda's favorite song on the album is "All Kinds of Wrong," a break-up song that she recorded while she was in Boston on tour. Miranda thinks this song has a novel take because the singer admits things she did wrong during the relationship.

As a child Miranda fell into acting, but singing was her other big love. She would sing and play guitar in her room, but she was too shy to play for other people. When she was cast on iCarly, she was asked to sing the theme song which jump-started her musical career.

Miranda's main musical inspirations are Madonna and girl power-pop. She is currently listening to Madonna's greatest hits in her new car. She also likes Lana Del Rey and loves Katy Perry. When it comes to old school tunes, she loves Aerosmith, The Rolling Sones and The Beatles. Miranda describes her music as pop-rock with her own little twist.

Check out iSoundtrack II on iTunes here.
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